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Want to Coach in Connecticut and do not have a permit??
If you are not a certified teacher in Connecticut then you need to take the 45 clock hour
course or have the district where you work apply for a Temporary Emergency 1 year permit.

Blended/Online 45 Clock Hour Course
(A majority of this course will be delivered online and
it will require a 4 hour in-person session to be completed.)

Cost - $475

that satisfies CT.  Public ACT 14-66

For more Information and Registration for the
45 Hour Blended/Online Course

Click here

NOTE: The in-person portion of these classes are scheduled
between seasons to allow time to secure a permit from the CSDE.
Refunds will not be issued if a coach applies for a second temp permit.

****New State Department of Education ****
Permit Submission Process

The best and quickest method of submitting an application for either an
ED 186 (Temp Permit) or an ED 185 (5 yr Renewable Permit)
is to send a COMPLETED PACKET (form and all necessary attachments)
to the State Department of Education via snail mail to the address
at the top of the form.


Read the instructions sheet attached to each form before submitting:

Form ED 186 for a - Temporary Emergency Permit Form
Click Here

Form ED 185 for a - 5yr Renewable Permit Form
Click Here